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Ebook Writing Made Easy – Writing Ebooks is Easier Than You Might Have Thought!

Everyone is getting into the eBook publishing thing these days. Even Amazon recently announced the newest version of their Kindle – the portable eBook reader. If Amazon is getting into ebooks in a big way, then why have you not written one yet?

Maybe it is because all you need are a few tools and the main one is already installed on your computer. That’s right, you can create ebooks for absolutely no money out of pocket if you want to and you can start selling them within a few days through a company that has over 100,000 eager affiliates waiting to promote your ebook.

Intrigued? I thought you would be, so let’s get into exactly what you need to do to get your eBook publishing empire started today!

– Either of which come standard with any computer these days. If you don’t have a copy, you can use Google Documents for free. Cost: FREE.

– For your eBook to really stand out to potential buyers, you will want to dress it up and that means a nice eBook cover. The best way to figure out what kind of cover to design for your eBook is to go to Amazon and browse books in your topic area. This way you can provide examples to your graphics designers.

A graphics designer will be able to quickly create an ecover for you. If you want, they’ll also create additional graphics for your website. I always do this because it brings a professional look to my websites and it’s worth every penny.

Cost: Between $27 to $67 depending on the scope of your graphics needs.

– Adobe Writer might already be on your computer, so you can just take your word document and convert it to a PDF, which is the preferred format for ebooks

Cost: Adobe is expensive, but I will share FREE alternatives in my ecourse.

– Clickbank is the largest eBook seller – even bigger than Amazon! The best part of ClickBank is the built-in affiliate program which includes over 110,000 active affiliates!

What that means is that you have the potential to get your eBook in front of 110,000 people who are looking for the latest and hottest eBook to promote. They do all the selling for you. Why? Because you pay them a commission.

They get a commission that you set and then the balance is paid to you every two weeks by ClickBank. Nothing could be easier once you set it up.

Cost: $49.95 one time activation charge – with no monthly charges!

– A no-cost alternative is to sell your ebooks directly to your customers (without a middle-man like ClickBank collecting the money for you and then cutting you a bi-monthly check).

– You need to host your website.

Cost: As low as $19.95 a month or less.

If you are not familiar with the term hosting, don’t worry about it. I cover all of that in my free ecourse on my website.

So those are the basic tools you need to write, publish and sell your very own ebook. How long does it take to write your ebook? As little as 12 hours and that can be even less if you use some of the tips and tricks I know.