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Taking Off The Stress Through Video Games

The video game industry is a hefty ten billion dollar industry. Ever since this industry has started to grow, researchers have begun analyzing the real effect of playing video games. Some of the positive effects would include a faster hand and eye coordination, cooperative participation, strategic thinking as well as the careful analyzing of in-game risks. These are definite positive effects and many researchers have indicated that video games could be the easier and healthier way in relieving stress as well.

Research has proven that if you would be playing a video game casually for around 30 minutes would be a great way to take off stress. When we say casual game, this would be something which is relatively easy to learn but could be difficult to master. These games could be very simple like hearts or minesweeper. These games would be very easy to learn and pick up its few rules and strategies. You could try to play for a while, and then just save your game to return to if you needed to ‘get away’ again and forget about your work and responsibilities for a couple more minutes.

Playing for just a couple of minutes – some 15 or 30 – daily would be sure to help you in concentrating on things that are less important so you could forget all the stresses of your day for a while. Aside from casual games, you could also play other more complicated video games to take off stress. There have been several studies that show that these video games have established a good sense of cooperation and team building when the players engaged in structured competitive play as well as playing with other online gamers.

And so, the next time you feel that you are stressed out, you could just relax with a casual or familiar video game and find yourself whisked away to relaxation.