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How Much Hosting Space Does Your Website Require

If you are planning to host a website but are not sure how much disk space your website would require, it is important to do some research and ascertain the amount of space that your website would use up. Your web-hosting provider would offer you large amount of disk space that could be a tad heavy on your wallet and disrupt your hosting budget. Therefore it becomes imperative to first ascertain the amount of disk space your website would require and whether you really need an expensive web hosting solution to host your website.

For example, a file size of 3,300 KB would use up a little over 3Mb of disk space. So we could infer that a 20 page website would use 3Mb or 20Mb=140 pages (approx). You can analyze the website requirements and then decide on the amount of disk space that your website would require.

Calculating File Size:

In order to calculate the amount of disk space required, the user needs to understand how exactly is file size calculated. A bit is the smallest unit on the computer. One bit is one electronic on or off pulse. 8 bits strung together make one byte. Now 1024 bytes together make one unit of information, termed as kilobyte and 1024 kilobytes= 1 Megabyte. Most of the graphics and web pages are measured in terms of bytes or kilobytes.

To find the total file size, right click on the root folder where the website is located. This will show you the total size of the website as well as the number of files and folders contained within the website. This method can be employed if the user is using Dreamweaver. In case the user is using FrontPage Editor, then the reports view tab (site summary) will show the total file size.

If you plan to add more graphics, pages or other features (like scripts, databases) in the future, then most web-hosting providers offer a convenient and hassle-free upgrade. So it is only wise to start with a small basic package if that befits your website requirements. He basic hosting packages come equipped with adequate features and disk space to ensure smooth functioning of your website. However, it is advisable to check with your web hosting provider if they offer a hassle-free upgrade of your hosting account as you grow your website. This will save you the hassle of changing web hosts as well as save you other expenses like the initial set-up fee that some hosting providers charge.

It is important to remember here that web hosting is a competitive industry and hosting providers could employ various marketing techniques like “unlimited disk space” in a bid to lure customers. It is advisable to ignore such promotional advertisements as most of the unlimited packages are either highly priced or the companies do not deliver quality services. It is useless to pay for disk space or features that are not required for your website. Analyze and exercise good judgment when it comes to ascertaining the type of hosting package that you need.