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Make Money With a Niche Website!

Starting your very own website is not as difficult as it might sound or look at first glance. Making money from a niche website is the easiest part of the whole process. In this article I’ll talk about how you can go about setting up your very first niche money generating website.

First off all, how will you make money from a website?

The answer, Affiliate Marketing.

is the fantastic online business model where you, the affiliate marketer, promote other people’s or companies’ products and in return they will pay you a commission for each sale or action you refer to their website. It’s pretty easy. You promote a product on your website, drive traffic to the offer and if somebody clicks through your affiliate link and make a purchase or whatever on the other side, you make money.

Setting up your niche website.

Please stay away from the free options. Get yourself a $9 domain name and then $8 per month hosting. You can get a domain name at and hosting at I highly recommend those sources. You can build your website with software like XSitePro or Netobjects Fusion. They are very easy to use and help build great looking websites.


Go to

and type in a base keyword. I’ll choose “acne” for this demonstration. The tool will bring up several other keyphrases. It will also show the number of daily searches done for each of those phrases. Multiply any of those numbers with 4 and you’ll get an idea of the amount of searches being done on Google for those keyphrases. Your job as an affiliate marketer will be to build a website that has pages optimized around those keywords so that you can rank in Google for them.

Make sure topic keywords are profitable. Go to Google and type them in there. If you see many sponsored ads you have a winner.

Now build your website.

, each of them focused around a separate keyword. Your home page of your website will

. There is no way you can make money by optimizing your site for a term as broad as “acne” even if it does get several thousand searches a day. People are funny creatures. They look for specific things online. Trust me on this…I know out of experience. So choose a keyword that is a phrase. “Best Acne Treatments”…now that phrase can help make me some money. I can review the best acne treatments on the my website and have several other pages on my website that are targeted towards other long phrase keywords. Those pages will bring in traffic and I’ll then drive that traffic to my review page.

Simply write articles for submission. Write about 10 articles a day around keywords and submit them to article directories like EzineArticles. The articles will drive tons of targeted traffic and help you make more money from you niche website!

So there you have it in a nutshell. How to make money with niche website.

is how to go about building an affiliate marketing business with this stuff right? OR you might have trouble setting up everything from scratch?