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Acme People Search (APS) – 10 FAQs When Signing Up For Acme People Search Affiliate Program

This article was written and completed on the 30th of December 2009- As Acme people search is rather new, there have been some recent changes and updates to be concerned about. I believe this would be the most up to date article on ACME people search (APS).

First of all I am going to assume you have read about ACME People Search program elsewhere and have some basic knowledge on the ACME People Search program. This article is to clarify certain areas of the ACME People Search program which is most of the time not clearly mentioned. The ACME people search program has been existence for over a year now and many rules has changed ever since. There have been articles on the internet about ACME People Search that has not been up to date.

In this article I will provide you the necessary up to date news and questions frequently asked by individuals seeking to venture into ACME People Search and to bring into attention some doubts about the program. This is a lengthy article but I’ve broken them down in to 10 subsections as follow:

So let’s begin

#1 First thing first is it a scam?

#2 How much can you earn from ACME People Search?

#3 So I’ll get 125$ upon completing all 3 steps in ACME People Search?

#4 How hard (or easy) is it to earn from ACME People Search?

#5 Referral quality system and pending payments? New updates

#6 Conditions to cash out? New updates

#7 Is it really true you earn from 8 income streams and how? New updates

#8 Transparency of ACME People Search and the owner (Tissa Godavitarne)?

#9 The ACME People Search forum and what is the Super Sponsor title?

#10 Questioning the validity of the forums feedback on the ACME People Search program?

Tissa Godavitarne has been paying the APS affiliates commissions a timely manner and there has never been a complained about not receiving commissions when they are due for payments as long as you met the requirements. Things to look at when judging if or not the business is worth venturing into:

1) How much upfront payment? If it’s too high there is a chance of the owner running away with the money. Acme offers free 30 days Trial and $29.95/ month

2) IS the owner of the business reachable, address of the owner? Tissa helds webinars which you can talk to him personally and he will give you answers. The owner makes it very clear how you can him and if not reach the support team.

3) Any testimonials from people who has successful earn form the business? Again a whole forum filled with members who have earned from APS giving testimonials. You’re getting testimonials from REAL people who has earned from this business

4) How easy or hard is it to make money? If it’s too easy, chances are it’s not a good business and too hard is also another problem. I gauge a good business as one not being too easy and too hard. Acme people search is what I call something in between easy and hard.

5) Payment method and commission methods. Choosing a company that pays using a suitable method. APS pays its affiliates via Paypal, a well known and trusted online website.

For the above ACME People Search passed all the criteria.

There is a total transparency board you can see the amount of commissions paid to date.

Now when you look at the board you will see Tissa Godavitarne and his wife Carolyn at the top of course since it’s his program. But let’s look at the others and analyze in detail

So far there has been up to 821 affiliates minus him and his wife that will be a total of 819 affiliates that has been paid.

$449,287.50 total paid commissions to ACME People Search affiliates excluding Tissa Godavitarne and his wife. This is considered a large amount to be paid to 819 affiliates.

Yes upon completing step 3 your account will be credit with $125 but you will need to reach a minimum of $200 (additional $75) to cash out and also take note you will need to be at least 45 days subscribed under step 3.

Let me give you a picture of how easy or hard it is. First you will need to reach a minimum of $200 to receive the first payment and there after a minimum of $50

Now technically upon signing up completing up to step 3 you will receive $125 credited to your account as a bonus but you will need a minimum of $200, therefore you will only need $75.Now to collect that $75.

Let’s look at the minimum amount of referrals required, first you will need 9 referrals to signup for step 1 and at least 2 to sign up for step 3. 2/9 = 22.2% (This exceeds the 15% minimum threshold therefore qualifying for performance bonus.)

9 x $1 = $9 9 x $4 = $36

2 x $3 = $6 2 x $12 = $24

Total $15 $60 = $75 Total

So in the beginning your goal is to at least get that $75 at least to get a taste of your first $200. Getting 9 referrals in 45 days? 2 people to sign up to step 3? Hard? Well that’s for you to decide. For a seasoned pro it wouldn’t be a problem. Also Recurring commissions every month of $4.50 from referrals who pays that $29.95monthly fees

One thing that a lot of newcomers are confused is regarding the referral quality system and the pending payment because a lot of articles did not mention this part of ACME People Search.

Every time your referrals register for ACME People Search and complete the above steps, (from step 1 to step 3) you commissions will only be credited to you after the above amount of days have passed from the day of completing any of the steps:

Step 1 = 30 days

Step 2 = 45 days

Step 3 = 45 days

Only after the above days have passed will you be credited to your account. At the APS back office in the referral section you will see at the top for pending payments highlighted in red.


I have 8 referrals who has completed step 1 and hence my potential payment is $40

This $40 is inclusive of basic commission (8 x$1=8) and the performance bonus

(8 x $4 = $32) total $40

1. You must reach a minimum of $200 for the first cash out and $50 thereafter

2. You must be subscribed for a minimum of 45 days under step 3

3. You must use an email address of the domain name you host under step 2 for your Paypal account.

Once all the above conditions have been met you will be able to cash out.

Well yes, however “Mylife” is no longer accepting new referrals for the time being so that leads to 7 streams of income for new ACME People Search members. Also for you to get commissions from Hostgator you will need to be first subscribed under

before Hostgator is available to you.

You earn commissions from the following

Clickbank — Cost to join = Free

AdSense — Cost to join = Free

Mylife — Cost to join = Free

HdPublishing –Cost to join = Free

Above four when someone makes a search on your search engine and purchases any of the products offered you will earn commissions

Hostgator — Signing up as an affiliate is Free however you will need to subscribe to Wealthy affiliate first to get commissions from Hostgator via ACME People Search

GDI — Global Domains International — Free trial 7 days, thereafter $10/month

GVO –Global Virtual Opportunities — $1 Free trial and there after $44.95/month

ACME — Acme people search — Free 30 days trial, thereafter $29.95/month

Above four are the commissions you get when you promote your APS referral link

Ever since the existence of this forum, Tissa Godavitarne has made a lot of effort of trying to be as transparent as he can’t. The ACME People Search forum being brought online on July 2009 reveals a lot and there is even a sub forum for revealing whether or not it’s a scam. You are free to bring up questions regarding his program Webinars twice a week under the “

” in the forum. This is your opportunity to talk to Tissa Godavitarne himself.

That is one of the standing points in the forum which brings us to the next area.

The ACME People Search forum has evolved and is still evolving, Tissa Godavitarne has done something no other forum has done and that is offering Super Sponsor status to members of the forum for simply being helpful and paying it forward subject to certain conditions.

So what happens when one becomes a Super sponsor? Tissa Godavitarne will reimburse your affiliate fees up to $133 and in addition $100 as an incentive to continue supporting the forum and helping others to succeed. The $100 is a new incentive which is to be implemented on

This is a good incentive for beginners who are low in funds and would like to venture into this business simply by participating in the forum and paying it forward.

Members in the forum continuously provide support to the forum by providing answers and support to new members. Some will argue that the members in the forum will protect and defend the APS program at all cost because they themselves are in to this business so there exists a bias in opinion. In my opinion this exists in whatever business offline and online where members support the business that they are in, my suggestion is to evaluate it with your own judgement from what you read.

Also when going to join, ask yourself how much time and effort will you take to do this business? Are you willing to lose what you have invested? Some have earned a lot some may not even earn a single dime. The difference is the strategy and the level of time invested.

My personal opinion is that this business is best suited for people who have experience in internet marketing. However I have seen beginners who have earned with APS.

Hope this helps clear some doubts.