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Most Affordable Secure Web Hosting From iPage

Undeniably, web hosting is the biggest online business today. Practically every website needs hosting services, and there are millions of websites in the worldwide web. Just imagine the amount of hosting services that these websites need. Thus it is not surprising why hosting companies continue to exist and survive despite the stiff competition.

With the number of hosting companies around, choosing web hosting services might be a little difficult, most especially if you are not a technical person and a beginner in the world of online marketing. In order to choose the best hosting company though, you need to establish important factors to consider in selecting a web host.

Some of the basic requirements of web hosting include disk space, bandwidth, and domain name. However, additional features may be required depending on the needs of a particular website. Generally, all bloggers need WordPress in their hosting service, such that WordPress is also one of the important requirements of web hosting.

While most of the hosting companies today offer the basic requirements in their services, they vary in plan rates, performance, and add-on features. Definitely even the smallest differences in the hosting rates matter most especially if you are on a tight budget. Thus, although hosting features are greatly considered in choosing a web host, the affordability is equally considered as well.

One of the most popular hosting companies that provide all the features that are necessary for personal and business websites is iPage. iPage is one of the biggest hosts with a platform that serves more than 1, 000, 000 websites all over the world. This definitely shows that they are among the most trusted and the most preferred web hosting companies today.

What makes iPage one of the best, if not the best?

iPage offers the best hosting plans ever. In fact, they offer the most affordable web hosting plan at $3.5o per month. Now, this is absolutely a price to beat. This price range is really affordable that it garnered iPage the Best Budget Web Hosting Provider title.

Along with the affordability, iPage does not compromise quality, for they offer great services as well. The customer support is exceptional with 24/7 availability through chat, phone, or email. Moreover, iPage also offers marketing tools, website builder and support suite, and most importantly, SiteLock security feature.

SiteLock security is the security expert software used by iPage in securing the websites of their customers. It provides badge to websites that are engaged with iPage upon a full malware scan of the websites. This ensures a clean environment in hosting. As such, business websites using iPage gain full confidence from their clients to access and browse their websites without worries at all. More than the features and the affordability, they also value security. This is the reason why iPage is the most secure affordable web hosting company today.