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From Domain to Hosting – Setting Up DNS Records

You have registered a domain and purchased a web hosting plan. But your new domain doesn’t work yet. It can not work because the domain is currently only a name. And with this name nobody knows what to do. Therefore we have a service which translates domains to internet addresses. This service is called DNS – Domain Name System. This is a hierarchical naming system for resources on the internet. DNS is a giant phone book. For each domain there is associated an IP address which actually defines where specific domain (or sub-domain) points to.

In order to associate a domain with hosting provider you need to set up some DNS records. From the hosting provider you should obtain the IP address for your hosting. this is the IP address of the web server where your files will be stored. Once you have this address you can go to the control panel of your registrar where you can manage your domains. Here you will set up some records to give your registered domain a new life.

Before you proceed with DNS settings check if the contact details are correct and what is the expiration date. Before the domain will expire you will get some warnings from your registrar to the administrative email address you have entered. If you can not access this email account then it is very likely that you will forget about the domain and the registration period will not be extended. If this happens you will loose your domain.

There is one important setting for each domain–name servers. Name servers store data about domains. Usually each registrar has own name servers and your domain is already using these servers. But if this is not the case then you will have to enter your name servers. Probably your web hosting company can configure them for you.

And now the most important domain setting–DNS records. In general, you need only two records to set up. The first one is the A record or Address record. This record actually defines IP address for your domain. You can have many A records, but for most cases one is enough. You simply create a new A record and enter IP address of the web hosting. There is also a TTL (Time to Live) value which can be set to 3600. This is the time in seconds after the domain address needs to be refreshed.

The last record you need to configure is the CNAME record for the www subdomain. Your basic domain is in the form of “example dot com” and “www dot example dot com” is a separate domain and needs a separate record. The easiest way to do this is to set up a CNAME (Canonical Name) record for the www subdomain and point it to The TTL parameter can be set to 3600.

This is it. Your domain is now associated with your hosting. These changes need some time to propagate. This can take up to 48 hours. So be patient and wait for your new domain to become alive.