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Dedicated SQL Hosting

Dedicated SQL Hosting refers to reliable database hosting services provided for various clients. Dedicated SQL Servers differ in their specifications depending upon the plan selected by the client. Information stored in the SQL database can be accessed through the web-based SQL enterprise manager.

SQL Servers 2000 / 2005 are available for dedicated SQL hosting in standard and enterprise options, in a range of price and features. Easily customizable, dedicated SQL hosting is available, in addition to the common configuration of a Pentium IV processor with a disk space of 40 or 80 GB. It permits unlimited users and web-based applications.

A dedicated SQL hosting expert will have thorough knowledge and experience in administration, backups, optimization, implementation, and restores. Any dedicated hosting service will offer you the freedom to select the desired operating system and also prevent sharing your IP address or domain name with other websites or individuals.

A dedicated service offers secure online backup service, more control for your domain, faster and easy response, and the capability of withstanding high traffic loads. Most service providers try to offer separate servers for each client to enhance the performance of the websites. Some of the other features of dedicated SQL hosting include easy management and access of database, direct SQL query access, SQL reporting service support and SQL server session support.

Dedicated SQL Hosting is available for companies, enterprises, and organizations that need advanced support and functionality. There can be additional or separate setup costs for SQL hosting that may vary with the options or configuration adopted. Moreover, different SQL hosts offer query analyzer, SQL tutorials, SQL reporting service, full text search, stored procedure, SQXML and DBO ability with your SQL web hosting service. SQL server consulting and SQL programming are also available.