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A Quick Lesson About Domains, Hosting And Websites

Probably your first step in creating a website should include domain registration and choosing your website hosting. Your domain name is actually a website address that is assigned by the main governing body of domains. You simply go online to one of the Domain Registering sites and check desired names until you find one that is available for registration. This can also be done at the same time as you set up your website hosting if you wish.

You should try to choose a domain name that reflects the general theme of your intended website. It should also easy for people or customers to remember. Try to choose a domain name that will include an important word describing the theme of your website or the name of your company.

Select Your Hosting

The next step is to find website hosting. They maintain large computers that are set up to be information or data servers. You need to upload your website files to the hosting computer so they can make it available for others to view on the internet. This is the service we call website hosting. A hosting service will actually place your website (your domain) on the internet for you at the address they register for you.

Build Your Website

It has become relatively easy to build a website today. Many software programs guide you step by step through the process. At one time if you wanted a high quality website it might cost you thousands of dollars and take considerable time to have produced. The quality and selection of website templates available today makes it easy for anyone to have a high quality website quickly and easily.

A Few Notes on Hosting

There are also many things you might consider when choosing a web hosting company. You have a couple of basic options that include shared hosting packages or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting works quite well for a high percentage of users. Many websites are very simple and compact websites that are made up of primarily text. Some types of websites may require the next level of hosting if they draw heavily on the server resources. This website may include very large numbers of images, music files, movies, software distribution or heavy blogging traffic. If you expect to fall into that category you may wish to select a more expensive, dedicated hosting package.

Web host servers are large and powerful, and have sufficient room (file storage space) and bandwidth capacity (movement of information) to host multiple websites. When you select a shared web hosting option, you purchase a package from a web hosting company that includes a specified amount of storage space and bandwidth allotted for your use. With shared webhosting packages, several clients share the same space and bandwidth (measurement of data exchanged between users and host) allotted by that server. As long as your shared web hosting agreement provides adequate storage and bandwidth there will be no need to change hosting plans.

If your website grows to the point where it requires larger storage and greater bandwidth, you may find it necessary to add additional space and bandwidth capacity. Another option is to change to a different type of web hosting, which could mean moving to a dedicated server with managed web hosting.

Publishing a website has become relatively simple in recent years. Many more issues affect the actual success and performance of your website. I often say that anybody can build a website. Not everyone can manage to have their website found by the search engines.