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When Do I Need Amplified Headphones?

If you already own a portable mp3 player, do you still have to own an amplified headphone? There are lots of applications that require the aid of amplifiers. Most of the newest released mp3 players that run on triple-A batteries, for example, don’t have the capability to run headphones with high frequencies since it requires a high percentage of output power – which results in bad sound quality.

In line with this, new headphones that use an external battery and a built-in amplifier have been available nowadays to give you more flexibility. This will not only give you the option to raise the volume, but you can also adjust the level of bass.

What are the other instances that you might need the aid of amplified headphones? Mostly, computers’ sound cards have terrible speaker drivers due to low current output that it uses or is being allotted. Often if you turn on your speakers with a low volume, you might notice that there isn’t much distortion. But if you try raising its volume, you will surely spot that these speakers make over 10% distortions. This makes amplified headphones a must-have. Amplified headphones lower the percentage of distortion, thereby producing a high-quality sound.

This type of headphones needs extra batteries in order to work. But no worries, these units use a very small amount of power. A set of batteries will give you up to 100 hours of playing your mp3 players with high-quality sounds. If you are always on the go, and you often want to bring your player with you, then having an extra set of batteries is much recommended. You can own as many as you want. You can charge the other battery when it sets off, while you bring the other set on the road.

With these kinds of headphones, you can have the power to listen to high-quality mp3s without spending too much.